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The CONNECT Email Marketing Platform – with simplified message composition, advanced segmentation capabilities, real-time reporting, unmatched inbox deliverability, and comprehensive API extensibility – helps mid-market and small enterprise organizations harness the value of their transactional and commercial messages to create holistic customer experiences.

Simplified Message Composition

Create messages and templates using CONNECT's convenient drag-and-drop message editor, or import externally-coded HTML with ease. 

Advanced Dynamic Capability

Easily set up customer onboarding programs, system triggers, or highly-complex customer journeys with unlimited dynamic content capabilities.

Unmatched Inbox Deliverability

Boasting an average client inbox placement rate of over 96%, CONNECT's dedicated deliverability experts help guarantee you maximize your email ROI.

Powerful API Extensibility

Comprehensive API documentation in 27 different coding languages makes it easy to integrate CONNECT into your marketing ecosystem.

Powerful, Fully Configurable Data Mart

Your business is unlike anyone else's, and your data is too. Don’t settle for a one-size fits all solution, Tekside CONNECT features a fully-configurable data mart that gives you full control over your email database structure. CONNECT also features its proprietary Data-Extension technology –  so you can leverage additional specific use-case data without having to manage the complexity of extending or restructuring your data mart.


Automatically re-engage lapsed subscribers or target highly-engaged subscribers with unique content using CONNECT’s powerful segment and journey builder.



Flexible and future-proof - manage complex workflows, integrations and automations using CONNECT’s comprehensive API platform. 


Short on developers? Seamlessly integrate CONNECT into your MarTech stack with minimal technical overhead using CONNECT + Integromat.

Are you confident your emails are really landing in the inbox?

Domain and IP reputation, SPF, DKIM and DMARC authentication, ISP blacklists, spamtraps, filtering and enterprise security systems, bounce and unsubscribe management – when it comes to sending email right, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. 



Boasting an average client inbox placement rate of over 96%, CONNECT's dedicated deliverability experts help guarantee you maximize your email ROI.



Proudly Made in Canada

CONNECT is a 100% Canadian-Made Software Solution! Located in Guelph Ontario, with data centres in London and Toronto, CONNECT is Canadian-owned, Canadian-developed and Canadian-based. And, built with the Canadian marketer in mind, CONNECT includes CASL-specific features that help automatically manage your permission levels across multiple subscriptions.



At Tekside, we believe in measuring what matters. The CONNECT Analyze reporting module provides visibility into all high level email metrics including number of emails delivered, opened, links clicked, platform / operating system, open rate, click rate, bounces (hard and soft), fails, unsubscribes and spam reports. 

In addition to reporting, the real power of Analyze is the ability to use your email metrics and insights to build hyper-targeted segments for future deployments or automated campaigns. Use CONNECT Analyze as part of the CONNECT Email Marketing Platform, to easily create targeted journey campaigns using subscriber activity. 

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